The process through which I build websites varies depending on the nature of the website I’m working on, but as an indication, for a site showing a portfolio of products (rather than services), I would aim to proceed as follows.

1 Choose and register a domain name (for example
Build a ‘scrapbook’ of websites in the same industry. Agree which aspects to use and which to avoid.
Collate site content
2 Identify additional site functionality
Prototype #1: Construct a skeleton of a website showing different types of information in their relevant sections (i.e. a ‘latest news’ section, products in a shop, picture galleries, etc…)
3 Customise prototype and add in bespoke artwork (logos, colours, banners, etc..) Build up quantity of content – you can’t launch a website with no information on it! Implement shipping rate tables where necessary.
4 Prototype #2: Rough cut of website. A good opportunity to fine tune/tweak layout, artwork and how things work.
Agree social media policies. Implement sharing/follow buttons, feeds, etc…
5 Tidy up, SEO, stats and tutorials. Organise security certificate. Connect eCommerce shops to payment services such as PayPal.
Launch. Register with search engines, Google Analytics, etc…

When I’m working on a site, I setup an account for the client so that you can see progress in real time and even participate in adding pages or product galleries, whilst hiding the site from the public until it is ready to be launched.