Websites that you own

I can build your website, help you to launch it, and keep an eye on it until you are confident enough to maintain the content yourself. When it is operating smoothly, I will keep monitoring the inner workings to keep them up to date and secure. No need to pay or wait each time you want to add a page or update something.

Pragmatic approach to SEO/social media

Too much time and effort goes into ineffective web-bling. I won’t promise what neither I nor your website can’t deliver, but I will show you how to make the site content work as hard as possible.

Websites that evolve

If you want to add new functionality to your site, I’m here to help. Simple additions that require just a plugin or some new artwork often I can do free of charge. Other, more complicated additions, may incur a modest cost, which we can discuss beforehand.

Shared improvements

By focusing on small, creative businesses, I find a lot of similarities between clients.  The solution to one person’s problem may become a free improvement to other client’s websites. My clients don’t really compete against one another so sharing knowledge in this way is a win/win situation.